Episode #164: Me Before the Wreckage


This episode is a roller-coaster as Dorin and Kendyl begin by saying they enjoyed watching Me Before You (2016) and end by calling it a train wreck.

Question of the Week: Can you recommend some books/television/movies with good disabled representation? Maybe even actually written by someone living with a disability?

The Articles We Mentioned:

Huffington Post: ‘Why Are You Complaining? Some People Actually Feel That Way’: A Critique of ‘Me Before You’

Upworthy: A Hollywood film about disability has a lot of people feeling left out.

The Guardian: ‘I’m not a thing to be pitied’: the disability backlash against Me Before You

Variety: Film Review: ‘Me Before You’

The Telegraph: Quadriplegic author hits out at Me Before You after book features in film

UPI: Sam Claflin talks challenge of playing quadriplegic Will in ‘Me Before You’

Popcrush: ‘Me Before You’ Sparks Controversy Over Message About Disability

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