Adaptation #43: The Evil Dead are Coming for Our Souls

headaer043Some of the hosts had a few sleepless nights after seeing Fede Alverez’s Evil Dead, adapted from Sam Raimi’s 1981 film. With a few Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell superfans on the podcast, they have a long discussion of the new and old versions and a few words on the possibility of trigger warnings before films.

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Adaptation #39: Nothing to Get Green Over

header039After seeing Sam Raimi’s Oz the Great and Powerful, the hosts finally know which witch is which and some now have gloating rights. They also discuss the film from a visual standpoint, their opinions on the Wicked Witch’s transformation and the Land of Oz in comparison with the original novel and 1939 film.

Check episode #34: The Merry Old Land of Manipulation for our discussion on Baum’s novel and the 1939 film here!

We also have an episode on Dorothy of Oz and the film Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return that you can see here!

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The New ‘Oz’ Trailer Hits and Actors Hint at a Sequel

When I reported on the first poster for Sam Raimi’s Oz: The Great and Powerful, I admitted that I was skeptical about how Oz would hold up to the classic images from the 1939 film. After seeing the trailer, however, my excitement has increased immensely.

I think the thing that really struck me was that they’ve done the beginning in black and white and done Oz in color, just like in The Wizard of Oz. It’s a small thing, I know, but it’s nods like this that will get fans on board right away. I have to say, though, Oz has a distinctly Wonderland feel to it, probably due to the fact that it has the same producers.

The cast will include James Franco as the young wizard from Kansas and Mila Kunis, Michelle Williams and Rachel Weisz as the witches Theodora, Glinda and Evanora respectively. The movie will be released March 8 in the US and the UK.

While I was searching around for more info on the film, I found this interview with James Franco and Mila Kunis from back in April. They both describe the characters they play, and James hints that this film could start a franchise.

What do you think of the new trailer? And the possibility of more trips back to Oz?

Leave your opinions in the comments!

‘Oz: The Great and Powerful’ Gives a First Look at the Land of Oz

Following in the ‘grand’ tradition of two similarly themed films coming out around the same time, 2013 is set to bring us two more treks into the the world of Oz created by L. Frank Baum. One is animated and follows the novel Dorothy of Oz by Baum’s great grandson Roger S. Baum. The other is the live action Oz: The Great and Powerful that we got a first look at this week with the release of its first poster.

Oz is meant to be a prequel to the 1939 film that explains how the wizard became the wizard. Directed by Sam Raimi, the cast will include James Franco as the young wizard from Kansas and Mila Kunis, Michelle Williams and Rachel Weisz as the witches Theodora, Glinda and Evanora respectively. Disney, as well as the producers of  Alice in Wonderland are behind this film, and I think the poster shows it.

Written by Mitchell Kapner and David Lindsay-Abaire, it will interesting to see how the team approaches this classic story and the land that has become so iconic. I’m personally a fan of the casting, especially Michelle Williams as Glinda, as she definitely has a ethereal quality that I think is perfect. As for the poster, I like the direction that they seem to be taking with the feel of it, but that’s not to say I’m all in on this concept.

Oz exists in a purely 1939, advent of technicolor, Judy Garland-inhabited place for me and going back seems a little like messing with something sacred.

How do you feel about the poster and a journey back to Oz? Leave you thoughts in the comments!