Episode #303: The Witches Who Lunch

The Adaptation hosts watched The Witches (2020) and could truly go on-and-on about all the visual elements, from the updated way the witches look to every piece of clothing. But there’s more to talk about with our hero, the grandmother, and the addition of a new mouse friend.

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Episode #298: So Much Nightmare Fuel

Not shying away from taking this children’s book too seriously, the Adaptation hosts discuss The Witches by Roald Dahl: the politics, the reproductive process, and the entrepreneurial possibilities of a traveling mouse circus that fronts as a witch hunting operation.

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Episode #168: The Big Friendly Sandman


Covering all The BFGs in one episode, the hosts talk Roald Dahl, 1989, and 2016 versions, with an extra shot of farting corgis in for good measure.

Question of the Week: Why does he collect dreams? Who gave him this job?

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