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I do believe that this is relevant.

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Recently, Hello Giggles wrote an article highlighting some of the best web series on Youtube: the literary retellings (if you click above, the link will take you there). I admire the article, but in my humble opinion they missed a few. In that spirit I decided to write my own little blurb about some of the best retellings on the interwebs. They’re listed in the order they popped into my head…

1. Jules andMonty. I just finished watching this and the end…oh the end. This is the retelling of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet done by Tufts University students. It’s all student cast (with the exception of Friar Lawrence) and intersperses some of the original dialogue throughout. I found it a little odd, but after the first two episodes it became normal and I became entranced with Jules and Monty’s epic tale. It led me to believe that the story…

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