Imagine Entertainment Announces New ‘1984’ Adaptation

Based on George Orwell’s genre redefining novel, Imagine announced that a remake of 1984 is being penned for them by Noah Oppenheim. Oppenheim’s previous credits include television shows such as The Today Show and Hardball with Chris Matthews.

Orwell’s novel, published in 1949, tells the story of a totalitarian society dominated by a government that sees everything and feeds back propaganda to control its subjects for the ‘greater good’. Given the media-centric plot of the novel, the choice of Oppenheim for screenwriter on this project might be telling as to what angle Imagine is planning to take on the original story.

Despite  place among the undisputed classics, 1984 has not been adapted to film since in fact, 1984 and before that only in 1956. There have, however, been some stage productions, a 2005 opera and two television versions back in the 1950s. It will be exciting to see a modern perspective on a story that has become even more relevant since its last reincarnation.

Read the full article on The Mary Sue.

How much of today’s world do you think can or should be incorporated into the new film? Leave your answer in the comments!

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