Will Beall to Write Script for ‘Justice League’ Film

All right DC comic fans, it’s time to get excited!

While everyone has been keeping their eyes on The Avengers, behind the scenes Warner Bros and DC Comics have been planning on getting Justice League back on track, (finally, I might say).

Warner Bros was planning a Justice League film back in 2007/2008, with a strange and intriguing cast that included Armie Hammer as Batman, Megan Dale as Wonder Woman and Adam Brody as the Flash. But with the writers’ strike and a few other issues, WB was forced to pull the plug.

On the back of The Avengers success and its prequels, this might just be the right time for DC to shine. But even though the Dark Knight series has been successful in these past years, it hardly stars a Batman that will work in a Justice League environment, making a reboot a necessity.

DC is on the right track, however, with Green Lantern already out and the much anticipated Superman reboot Man of Steel set to come out Summer 2013. In addition, DC  has been quietly setting up writers and directors for Wonder Woman, The Flash, and more. With all the Marvel heroes running around these days, it seems that the DC universe is going to come back fighting.

Will Beall, whose first big writing credit Gangster Squad is coming out this year, has been placed at the helm to write Justice League, and it was recently announced that he would be doing the screenplay for a Lethal Weapon reboot. He is also a writer on Castle (which means that I approve)! He has yet to hand in his script, but here’s hoping for the best!

Click here for the full Variety article.

Who do you think will have what it takes to play these superheroes?

And I have to ask – if the first attempt had gone through with the casting it set, do you think it would have been a success?

2 thoughts on “Will Beall to Write Script for ‘Justice League’ Film

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