Commentary #8: Peter Pan (2003)

Commentary008Our hosts commentate their way through Peter Pan (2003), finding all the ways that it could be a very dark story and wondering at the parallels between the lost boys and the pirates.

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Music by DropVox

Main Discussion

Peter Pan (2003)

-Written by PJ Hogan and Michael Goldenberg

-Directed by PJ Hogan

-Starring Jason Isaacs, Jeremy Sumpter and Rachel Hurd-Wood

-Based on the book by JM Barrie

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2 thoughts on “Commentary #8: Peter Pan (2003)

  1. Thank you for this commentary. This film is my favorite film adaptation of all time and one of my favorite films period. I enjoyed listening to you and some of your comments were great, I particularly liked the theory of Peter’s parents possibly not forgetting him but he forgetting to come back until it was too late.
    I do wish you would do just a little bit more research on the films before you watch them. It slightly twisted my insides when you insisted Jeremy Sumpter was not American and came up with a reason why he wouldn’t have a British accent, when a simple googling up could tell you he is, indeed, American. Or that Tiger Lily isn’t white, she’s an actual Native American. Also, I wished you would say more. There were long stretches were you were silent watching the movie , and I understand that happening, I just think there were too many moments like that. Overall, good job girls! Hope you keep doing these.


    • Thanks for the comment! We’re a little new to commentaries, and I completely agree with your saying that we need to talk more and have less silences.

      I think the American accent conversation was about Peter, not Jeremy. Like, why would the character have an American accent if Peter’s from England? I would guess they didn’t want to make a young Jeremy do an accent, or took their cue from Hook…


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