An Enjoyably Dark Fantasy – Horns by Joe Hill

Kendyl wrote a review on Joe Hill’s Horns for River Ram Press and next week, after the film starring Daniel Radcliffe comes out on October 31st, she will be reviewing the movie here on Adaptation!

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Horns by Joe Hill

A Book Review by Kendyl Bryant

Horns Cover

In preparation for the new film starring Daniel Radcliffe and to properly get into the Halloween mood, this month I read Horns by Joe Hill. I’m not into outright horror and thankfully Radcliffe has a habit of choosing the kind of scary films based on books that I do enjoy (e.g. The Woman in Black by Susan Hill). Horns is actually less of a horror novel, and more of a dark fantasy. A really, really dark fantasy. To the point where I had trouble getting through some parts, but also frustratingly needed to keep going so I could find out what was going on.

Horns begins with Ig Parrish waking up from a drunken night he can’t remember to find a pair of horns sprouting from his skull. After a visit to the doctor’s office and a few very off-putting…

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