Judy Blume, Forever in the hearts of teens and adults everywhere.

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Forever… by Judy Blume
A book review by Kendyl Bryant

foreverI’m 26 years old, female, and have just finished my first-ever Judy Blume book. It’s probably a miracle that I’d made it through adolescence considering her reputation for pivotal coming-of-age stories. But, for some reason, I just never picked one up. Thus, my reaction to Forever comes from a slightly different perspective than its intended audience and yet, I thoroughly enjoyed it all the same.

Forever follows Katherine, a senior in high school, from the night she meets Michael and through the couple’s experience with first love. The two share a hopeful, fun outlook and are determined to stay together when they head off to college the following year. But when they have to separate the summer before-hand for jobs in different states, their relationship is tested by distance and new friends.

Blume’s portrayal of first love is beautifully realistic…

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