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Vlog: Rest in Print Golden Trio

Jenn travels back in time to complete our Harry Potter month, gushing over the written Golden Trio, and bemoaning the differences in the films!

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Staff Recommendations – July 2015

The Adaptation staff are keeping cool indoors with these entertaining recommendations for July!

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Adaptation #134: Ant-Man Is Watching You

Our hosts find a lot of tropey things in Ant-Man (2015). But despite the issues, they still enjoyed the humor and the action.

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Adaptation #133: Dark and Twisty Places

The hosts can barely get their thoughts in order after binge reading Gillian Flynn’s Dark Places. They have a lot to say about these very twisted and mostly unlikable characters, … Continue reading

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Vlog: Harry Potter in the Eyes of a Non-Reader

In which Dorin explains how the Harry Potter films failed the non-readers.

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Adaptation #132: Terminating the Genisys

Our hosts brains are a little scrambled trying to figure out how the timeline works in the film Terminator Genisys. As a reboot it may work, but having just marathoned … Continue reading

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Find Me at GeekyCon!

In which Kendyl tells you the reasons you should say hi to her at GeekyCon.

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Adaptation #131: Free Willy from the Paper Towns

Nicole and Jess talk Paper Towns by John Green, giving Margo more than her share of character analysis and comparing the treatment of this Manic Pixie to that of Green’s … Continue reading

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Vlog: Rest in Print Peeves

Continuing with our Harry Potter month, Jess outlines the many exploits of Peeves from the book series, and bemoans the absolute absence of his antics from the films.

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Ever the Gentleman…The Loss of Patrick Macnee

Just after Christopher Lee’s passing, we have lost another great, Patrick Macnee. The two of them were the last surviving members of Sir Laurence Olivier’s Hamlet (1948). I wrote last month about the … Continue reading

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Vlog: Rest in Print Marauders

In our second vlog about mistreated Harry Potter characters, Jess gets a little emotional over the representation of the Marauders in the Harry Potter books…and the lack thereof in the … Continue reading

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Adaptation #130: A Losing Game of Thrones

Adaptation talks Game of Thrones season 5, going over all the major storylines—cheering for some, groaning for others—and making predictions for next season! NOTE: We do not spoil anything past … Continue reading

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Adaptation #129: On Top of the Jurassic World

In this week’s Adaptation, the team discusses Jurassic World (2015), and they have a lot of feelings…mostly about the park, the dinosaurs and who the real monsters are. While it … Continue reading

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Vlog: Rest in Print Neville Longbottom

The first in our month of mistreated Harry Potter characters, Kendyl talks about the character traits and plot points left out of the films that lead to Neville being misrepresented.

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Staff Recommendations – June 2015

Here’s what the Adaptation staff have been up to in the month of June!

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Vlog: Adaptations Better Than the Book: Fan Edition

In which Jenn presents fan responses for adaptations that were better than the book!

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#129: Jurassic World
#130: Game of Thrones season 5
#131: Paper Towns by John Green


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